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The Airbnb Logo Redesign: Learning from the Controversy

The New Airbnb Logo: Learning from the Controversy

16.6.2022 — Airbnb, a company that lets people rent rooms from private individuals, officially launched a new logo design in 2014. Immediately, a collective …

Why would Airbnb design a logo that caused the entire Internet to laugh at their expense? Here’s what you can learn from the controversy.

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11.1.2023 — The emblem, resembling a rounded letter “A” has a drop-shape loop in the middle, which stands for the location pin symbol, and a person’s head, …

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Deutsch: Logo von Airbnb seit Juli 2014. Päiväys, heinäkuu 2014. Lähde, Airbnb’s Design Department. Tekijä, DesignStudio. SVG kehittely.

The Airbnb logo has 4 hidden meanings – Creative Bloq

The Airbnb logo has 4 hidden meanings – can you spot them all? | Creative Bloq

17.7.2014 — The symbol itself is a combination of four simple symbols: a head to represent people, a location icon to represent place, a heart for love and …

Viral TikTok video reveals all.

The Airbnb Logo and Its History | LogoMyWay

11.11.2021 — Airbnb uses a pink and white color palette to represent itself as a friendly company. The choice of colors reflects the brand as warm, kind, and …

Is The Airbnb Logo a Copy? – Design – Pinterest

Is The Airbnb Logo a Copy? | Airbnb logo, Logo design diy, Logo design

Airbnb’s trademarks include the Airbnb name, Airbnb logo, Bélo logo, the Superhost badge, and Aircover, as well as all words, slogans, icons, logos, …

Feb 4, 2019 – Yikes. With a headline like that, you’ve got to wonder where this is coming from. Well, Reddit, naturally. This post hit /r/design yesterday, and it

Airbnb, Why the New Logo? – Entrepreneur

Airbnb Logo: Meaning, History and Controversy – DesignBro

Airbnb Logo: Meaning, History and Controversy

We will explore the meaning and other “hidden meanings” of the Airbnb logo along with looking at some of its controversies. But first, let’s look at the

Trademark Guidelines – Airbnb Help Center

Airbnb’s Trademark Guidelines explain how to use Airbnb’s trademarks responsibly.

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